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i do want to move all my writing things over here.

but i am lazy and tired and can't even update my real life.

life is hard.
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okay. so i'm trying this once again.

i have a headache. my sister is home tomorrow. i think i revealed too much about myself tonight. sometimes i just want people to understand. my cat is on my feet. i hate my job so much i'd almost rather be unemployed; i hate needing money.

tomorrow i have to study math. this won't be easy. i forsee frustration, tears, and a lot of breathing.

why did i sign up to take this exam again? why is what i want to go to grad school for SO HARD?

i really should try to sleep again.

and that's really why i haven't finished my castle apocalypse, really . . .

(oh, martha and alexis. i love you.)
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i am not sure what will be going on here. i am still incredibly loyal to my old journal, but perhaps i will work on cross-posting. i do want to figure out how this place works, especially as more and more people migrate permanently.

time is just not my friend these days.

we'll see, we'll see.

i suppose if i write it here, i can always cross post it to my livejournal, and that way both journals get it? but i don't know about the security levels here . . . and it seems like it would be a hassle to maintain two journals outright.

i already can't keep up with a tumblr, not to mention finally launching my actual book blog . . .


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